When we turned 10

Everyone at dinnerTwas the Kidz Klub 10th birthday,
When all the house was rowdy.

There was garlic bread and pizza,
And the Freddos were a-plenty.

There was time for speeches and memories,
And for friends old and new;

The wotsit game!

We played Kidz Klub people bingo,
and Wotsits at foam beards we threw.

The after eight game

Chocolate fudge cake was eaten,
After eights made forehead descents,

We were inspired by our history,
And celebrated the clubs started recent.

Cake!So onward to the future we go,
With excitement for what God will do;
He’s already brought us so far!
Kidz Klub – happy birthday to you.

(Kidz Klub Coventry is on Facebook! For lots more memories and photos, like us here.)

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