Where we are going

We would love to see Kidz Klub Coventry known in our city as a place where children and families feel loved by us, loved by God, special and welcomed. As well as wanting to serve our city, we want to help the kids learn how to live in a good, moral way, which will have an amazing impact in the future of children and teenagers in Coventry. We would love to see lives of LOADS of children and families changed through Kidz Klub and as a result, see them being used by God to change the lives of those around them now and for eternity – wouldn’t that be amazing?!

Our vision is to plant satellite klubs all around Coventry, enabling every child to have a chance to attend Kidz Klub if they don’t already have the chance to hear the great news about Jesus in a way that is relevant for them. Our passion is to work with local churches to not just run Kidz Klub but to work with whole families and communities. Kidz Klub provides a great spring board into lots of different creative ways of serving our city. The possibilities are endless!

If you are a church leader or part of a local church and like what you’ve heard about Kidz Klub – get in touch – we’d love to explore possibilities with you.

Email us or ring us 07890 868390