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If you’d like your children to get involved with Kidz Klub, please fill in this contact form

Kidz Klub Coventry would like to welcome all parents to our website! If your child goes to Kidz Klub, we’d just like to say it’s a real pleasure having them – thank you for giving your child the opportunity to come! At Kidz Klub we play lots of games, dance and sing songs to God, find out about how God can help us live our lives in a good way and have a chance to pray about the stuff that’s going on in our lives.

We thought you may find it helpful to have some answers to some frequently asked questions, so feel free to read on…

Q: Can I stay and watch?
A: Yes you can! We ask all visitors to sign in, read the visitor information and sit in a visitor seat located at the back of the venue.
Q: Does my child have to pay?
A: No! It’s all free! However they may want to bring their weekly flyer as this may give them the chance to play a game! Although it is free, each week we take up a collection and give the money to different charities. We do not force any child to give, but encourage them to talk to you about whether they would like to give some of their pocket money to help other people in the world.
Q: Will you force my child to do things they don’t want to do?
A: If children come along to the klub, we expect them to join in as much as they can, but we don’t force children to do anything, although we may use positive incentives!
Q: Do you have any rules?
A: Yes. The 4 Kidz Klub rules are:


  1. Obey your row captain
  2. Stay in your seat
  3. The whistle means silence/on silent
  4. Mobile phones off

We expect children to respect and respond to the row captains and if they are misbehaving, they will get an opportunity to improve their behaviour, if it continues, the leader will speak to them and give them an opportunity to explain how they are feeling, apologise and carry on with the klub. The children are told that if they continue misbehaving and do not change their attitude, they will be sent home and if necessary, banned from coming for a period of time.

Q: Can my child bring a snack and drink?
A: No – it is simpler for everybody if the only food in the building is food needed for games, otherwise arguments may arise! Water is available if your child is thirsty during the club and fruit is available at the beginning of all clubs.
Q: Can my child leave half way through?
We encourage children to stay for the whole session – we don’t want them to miss out!
Q: Will my child be able to arrive and depart on their own or will I have to drop them off and collect them?
A: For the club in Stoke Aldermoor, there are bus stops at various locations where children can get picked up from and brought back to. No transport is provided for the Satellite clubs (Canley, Cheylesmore, Tile Hill and Wood End). For both the Stoke Aldermoor club and satellite clubs, as the parent, you need to decide whether your child(ren) can walk by themselves (to the bus stop or to the club) or whether you will drop them off and collect them.
Kidz Klub take no responsibility for the transport of children to and from the  club venue/bus stop.
Q: Does Kidz Klub run in holiday times?
A: No, Kidz Klub only runs during the Coventry school term times. You can visit their website for the dates:
If in doubt, all you need to remember is if you don’t get a home visit and a flyer, there is no Kidz Klub that week, if you do, then there is a Kidz Klub coming up!
Q: Are the team all DBS (formerly CRB) checked?
A: Every team member goes through the DBS process and are only accepted as a team member if we are happy they are safe to work with children.
Q: Is there a first aider?
A: Yes, there is a qualified first aider at each venue.