If you’re a kid, this page is for you! We’ll be posting fun videos and content on this page while Kidz Klub isn’t on.

Welcome to Kidz Klub online

There is NO KIDZ KLUB live this week, we will be back the following week on the 20th October. Meanwhile… keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be posting some videos this week and we’ll find out if anyone found the treasure!!

You can download this weeks flier HERE

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Let’s start with some worship! Jump up, get on your feet and have a sing! Maybe you could make up your own actions? Do you have any instruments in your house you could use to play along?

We hope you’ve enjoyed Kidz Klub this week!

Kidz Klub will be back next week with another set of videos to fill the Kidz Klub gap.
If you’ve got any ideas or feedback, why not leave a comment here or ask your parents to send us an email? In the meantime, stay safe 🙂

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