Kidz Klub Camp 2019

Team leader Sarah reflects on an exciting time away…

Early on the Tuesday of May half term 9 excited Kidz Klub children, four leaders and a couple of teenage helpers set off on Kidz Klub camp – the first one for ten years! We arrived at the outdoor adventure centre in the Forest of Dean just as it started to rain! However, during our settling in briefing with the team at the centre the weather turned itself into beautiful sunshine. The van was unloaded, mattresses blown up, sleeping bags spread out, snacks were eaten and general excitement ensued.

After lunch the children were able to take part in a two activities run by the centre. Their first challenge was in pairs to build up crate stacks until they were ten high with two of their team mates on top (secured by harnesses and ropes in case of toppling towers!) Every single child totally loved this activity with a few of them overcoming fear of heights. The children had so much fun working together and encouraging each other – it was a delight to watch.

Working together as a team was a key part of the trip.

We then headed out into the forest to learn about edible plants and wildlife living in the woods before gathering firewood to fuel our fire to toast marshmallows.

The children played some group games before dinner time, then headed back to the campfire to sing some Kidz Klub songs and toast more marshmallows. One final game before bed to make sure everyone would sleep well, a competition between the girls and boys to see who’d be ready for bed first (the girls won!) and we were ready for a chilled re-cap of the day, time to pray and chat together before lights out.

Despite a cold night, the children got up in good spirits and packed up their things before heading back into the woods to make some sculptures about what God is like, getting to learn how to use some new tools.

We returned to the centre to think about the Holy Spirit and God’s power, love and gifts before praying and listening to God for each other. We then were able to spend time encouraging each other, watching kids almost visibly grow as their peers said kind and positive things about them.

A quick lunch and then it was time to head back to Coventry. It was an action packed and fun 32 hours which the children and team loved. All the kids gave us really positive feedback about the camp and we’re very much hoping to do it again with more kids next year. For the team it didn’t feel like work, but more like family and we were so impressed at how well the kids got on together and were up for trying everything. What a way to spend a couple of days in half term!

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