It’s a Kidz Klub…no, it’s a youth club…actually, it’s…a peek into Kidz Klub Canley’s youth club slot!

It was a dark and stormy afternoon back in December…but I had something fantastic to look forward to: a visit to Kidz Klub Canley!

Photo 21-11-2014 17 06 46

It was warm and toasty inside Canley Community Centre.

At 5pm they were all ready to go, and you could sense the team’s excitement. The club looked colourful and inviting, with a twinkling Christmas tree. I’d been meaning to visit for a long time, to check out their relaunched format. They’ve got a super fun youth club-style slot before the main Kidz Klub programme, including new wii games, loom bands, lego, comfy sofas, and healthy snacks – all thanks to a Wellbeing Fund grant.

Their cafe space, allowing kids to get a snack, sit and chat before the Klub starts, was looking especially cosy.

Photo 21-11-2014 17 05 36

At 5.15pm the doors swung open, and a throng of kids poured in. Some made a beeline for the snack table, where a team member and teenage helper were on hand, giving out fruit and carrot sticks, and asking how each child’s day was going.

Photo 21-11-2014 17 37 27

Other kids made a dash for the wii instead, jumping around as they raced their cars and cheered their friends on.

Photo 21-11-2014 17 23 00

And still others formed little bunches playing table football, building lego houses, or creating loom bracelets. Team members wandered the room, guiding and encouraging.

Pretty soon it was time for the Klub programme to start. The children eagerly gathered in front of the stage, and listened as the Klub rules were read out, looking forward to more games, panto characters, music and stories – what a great way to spend an afternoon.

Photo 21-11-2014 17 41 22.jpg

And the best part? All of this happens every Friday 5.15pm in school term time, at Canley Community Centre. The entire thing is free, and ALL Canley children aged 6-12 are welcome! Contact Anna at to find out more.

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